The barbie girl “Dytto” is a Dance sensation. Dytto’s real name is Courtney Nicole Kelly. She was born on April 27, 1998 in Miami, Florida. Dytto’s age is 19 years as of 2017. She spent most of her childhood in Miami where she practiced gymnastics and cheer-leading. Well, this girl has some dope moves, doesn’t she? She has tried her hand and many dance styles and has since achieved the status of a professional dancer.

The barbie girl’s dance moves have become a sensation among the Indian television audience. Dytto has displayed numerous dance forms and has amazed us with all of her dance videos. Dytto’s dance videos feature her popping, animation, robotting, tutting and many more skills. Dytto’s first YouTube video was a dance performance on the song called Barbie Girl. The video went viral overnight and she was one of the most searched about people on YouTube in 2014.

She performed at the World of Dance competition, an international urban dance challenge attracting more than 100k dancers in over 25 countries.


Best know for her tutting moves, she definitely draw some attention to this area. This branch of hip hop with its name derived from King Tutankhamun, dates back from the 80s and is inspired by the Egyptian art and hieroglyphics. Dytto is known for combining it with popping animation, a stop-and-go technique that mimic robotics.

She also enjoyed a huge fan base in social media through her dancing videos. She has over a million subscribers on youtube and more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Many a time she is seen in association with Fik-shun on her youtube channel.

Recently the Indian dance show, Dance Plus 3 got a big boost as Dytto appeared as the special guest. She was an idol and crush for many of the performers of the show and she made everyone completely awestruck with her performance.

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